How to get there?

From Airport


Taxi fare is made up of various separate charges. The basic rate depends on the number of kilometers travelled, the time, the day of the week and the supplementary charges. There is an airport surcharge of €4.00, and if you are carrying more than two pieces of luggage, there is a charge of €1.50 for each bag. The total fare from the airport to the Leganes Campus will be approximately €40.00.


  1. Line 8. From Barajas Airport to Nuevos Ministerios.
  2. Line 10. From Nuevos Ministerios to Puerta del Sur.
  3. Line 12. From Puerta del Sur to Leganés Central.

Use COMBINED TICKET (2,00 EUR). It is the best alternative for Public Transport. (approx. 1h:10min)


  1. Line 8. From Barajas Airport to Nuevos Ministerios.
  2. Exit from Subway Network and Enter in the Renfe Network (1.15 EUR).
  3. Take train in Line 2 direction Atocha.
  4. In Atocha Station Take regional train in Line C-5 direction Humanes or Humanes.
  5. Leave train in Leganés Station.


The buses leave directly from the airport and take you to the Plaza de Colon. The fare is 1.15 EUR. From “Plaza de Colon” to “Atocha” take one of the city buses, either the 27 or the 24 to “Atocha”. Once there, take Cercanias/RENFE train (Regional Train)

Buses from Madrid

  • 432 Madrid (Villaverde Bajo)
  • 443 Madrid (Embajadores)
  • 450 Alcorcón
  • 482 Madrid (Aluche)
  • 485 Madrid (Oporto)
  • 486 Madrid (Oporto)
  • 488 Getafe
  • 491 Madrid (Aluche)
  • 492 Madrid (Aluche)
  • 496 Moraleja de Enmedio
  • 497 Moraleja de Enmedio
  • N42 Madrid (Aluche)
  • N43 Madrid (Aluche)

By Car

From Downtown Madrid

  1. Castellana, south direction
  2. At Atocha, direction: Toledo
  3. Paseo Santa Maria de la Cabeza, direction Toledo
  4. Toledo Highway N-401
  5. 2 Km. on Highway
  6. Exit 6th to M-40, Direction N-V A-6
  7. M-40 East
  8. Heading South from the East
  9. Exit 27 M-45
  10. Direction: Leganes M-425
  11. 3 Km. on Highway
  12. 2 roundabouts.Go straight on to Leganes
  13. Road passes under Train tracks
  14. Two consecutive traffic lights
  15. Roundabout, turn on right. Direction: Alcorcon
  16. Roundabout, straight go on
  17. Avda. 2 de Mayo
  18. Go straight on at first crossroad
  19. Red building on left is the University