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A bronze conference sponsorship package combines marketing and branding before the event and exposure during the conference. Bronze sponsorship status is priced at € 1,500.00 + Tax.


Conference Passes A bronze sponsor will be eligible for 1 complimentary attendee pass with the option to purchase 1 more at a 25% discount off the full conference registration fee.
Website Your company will be featured on the conference web site from the time a sponsorship agreement is made or from the time the conference is announced, whichever is appropriate. There is typically a six to twelve month lead time to a conference. You are entitled to promote your company as a bronze sponsor to the conference.
Conference Proceedings As a bronze sponsor your company logo will appear inside the conference proceedings.
Promotional Material As a bronze sponsor your company name and logo will be featured (within productions schedule) in the proceedings, on the conference web site, on a display board in the conference registration area and in any other pre-conference promotional material.
Literature and
Promotional Material
As a bronze sponsor you have the opportunity to include your company’s brochure and a gift/giveaway in the attendee pack that is distributed to participants upon registration at the conference.
Acknowledgements As a bronze sponsor you will be thanked in the proceedings.

For an overview, have a look at the the Quick Comparison Chart.